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Bötzow Berlin 

Extending over an area of around 26,000 m², Bötzow Berlin has a fascinating history and enormous potential for the future. The site is located in the heart of the capital city, in a large area that is currently under development. In 2011, the former Bötzow Brewery (built 1864 to 1884) was acquired by the CEO of medtech company Ottobock, who then joined forces with renowned architectural practice David Chipperfield Architects to develop the site with all the respect and circumspection due to such an exceptional historic heritage. In 2013, the essence of the building project was presented in pink letters on the brewery chimney: “Futuring”. This neologism conveys the idea of a future in which the music has started to play, but the symphony is still unfinished. At the same time, it calls on us to actively shape the future. Which is precisely what investor Hans Georg Näder has begun to do. In 2018, researchers and developers from the Ottobock Future Labs were among those who moved into their new workspaces on the site, which is listed as a historical monument. And now the gradual revival of the former Bötzow Brewery is progressing at full speed.

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