Neo Rauch on Bötzow Berlin

Works by Neo Rauch from the HGN Collection are being exhibited in the Atelierhaus on Bötzow until April 3, 2016. Rauch’s first solo exhibit in Berlin since 2009 is presenting key works from the painting, graphic, and sculpting oeuvre of the 55-year-old artist.

In his mainly large-format paintings, Rauch, a trailblazer of the New Leipzig School, focuses on tension-filled, vibrant colours. Die Fuhre (The Carriage – 2013) for instance is entirely based on the triad of primary colours red, yellow, blue, and the nuances thereof. Rauch combines contrasting, sometimes even contradictory meanings and figurative elements and in doing so creates a huge narrative depth. Conflicting proportions like those found in Der Chor (The Choir – 2011) capture viewers and recall the medieval principle of the size of the object signifying its importance. For Neo Rauch, painting is “the continuation of dreaming by other means.” Set pieces of reality are set into new contexts and encrypted. Human-animal hybrids also emerge in Die Fuhre. Fashions and men from times long past encounter contemporary attributes such as Converse All Stars sneakers. It’s led to a multitude of attempts to interpret and classify Neo Rauch and his works: does he have a comic-like style, post-socialist, phantasmagorical, surreal? In any case, his figures appear to be petrified in the sleep of the world.

Neo Rauch, Die Fuhre (The Carriage), 2013, oil on canvas, 250 × 300 cm © Neo Rauch/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2015, Courtesy Galerie EIGEN+ART Leipzig/Berlin, David Zwirner, New York/London
Neo Rauch, Die Fuhre (The Carriage), 2013

Rauch’s graphic works from 2015 are some of the newest additions to the HGN Collection. These self-contained graphic works also play with colours and, for instance, pick up the intense red from Rauch’s window series in Naumburg Cathedral. His hermetic pictorial world defies easy interpretation here as well.

Neo Rauch, Die Jägerin (The Huntress), 2011, cast-bronze, patinated and waxed, 226.1 × 102.9 × 69.9 cm, edition 2/3 Foundry Noack, Berlin, © Neo Rauch/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2015, Courtesy Galerie EIGEN+ART Leipzig/Berlin, David Zwirner, New York/London
Neo Rauch, Die Jägerin (The Huntress), 2011

The two bronze sculptures on exhibit, Die Jägerin (The Huntress – 2011) and Idea (2011) have a special significance in the artist’s work since Neo Rauch has completed just three sculptures to date.


The exhibition runs from 11 September 2015 to 3 April 2016.

On 5 March 2016, the exhibition will be closed.

Opening hours: Thu–Sat 3–5:30 p.m. and Sun 11 a.m.–6 p.m.

Free entry

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Bisky, Balagan, Bötzow

© Norbert Bisky, Rehov, 2015, Courtesy Galerie Crone, Berlin, Sammlung HGN

© Norbert Bisky, Rehov, 2015, Courtesy Galerie Crone, Berlin, Sammlung HGN

An upended, gutted vehicle stands between overturned stones, surrounded by police barriers: these types of images from terrorist attacks around the world can be seen in the media almost every day. Have they finally reached Berlin? No, fortunately, it is just one of Norbert Bisky’s works that can seen in the Atelierhaus on Bötzow.

© Norbert Bisky, Masse, 2013-15, Courtesy Galerie Crone, Berlin, Sammlung HGN, Foto: Ulf Büschleb

© Norbert Bisky, Masse, 2013-15, Courtesy Galerie Crone, Berlin, Sammlung HGN, Foto: Ulf Büschleb

The majority of the pieces were completed in Tel Aviv; Bisky worked there from January to March as part of an atelier swap with fellow artist Erez Israeli. Yet Bisky experienced more than just terror. He’s often travelled to the city and loves it. “I don’t ever want to leave,” Bisky said recently during an interview. The Bauhaus architecture, the palm gardens, the smaller dimensions, which also include the size of the art scene, and the direct confrontation with the German–Israeli past: Bisky is fascinated by all of it.

© Norbert Bisky, Rebelde, 2014, Courtesy Galerie Crone, Berlin, Sammlung HGN, Foto: Bernd Borchardt

© Norbert Bisky, Rebelde, 2014, Courtesy Galerie Crone, Berlin, Sammlung HGN, Foto: Bernd Borchardt

The exhibit, with large-format, intensely coloured works as well as a series of small-format works of oil on paper that are being show for the first time in Germany and three pieces from the Sammlung HGN show both sides of this coin – angst and joie de vivre. The exhibit title says it all – Balagan – which can mean confusion and chaos as well as partying and exuberance.

© Norbert Bisky, Tallit, 2015, Courtesy Galerie Crone, Berlin, Sammlung HGN, Foto: Bernd Borchardt

© Norbert Bisky, Tallit, 2015, Courtesy Galerie Crone, Berlin, Sammlung HGN, Foto: Bernd Borchardt

The exhibit runs from 27.03. to 30.08.2015.
Opening hours: Thu–Sat, 3–8 p.m., Sun 2–6 p.m.
Free entry

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24 HOURS. Santa Teresa Project

Eva Hassmann on Bötzow

© Eva Hassmann, 12.03 PM, Courtesy Eva Hassmann

The “24 Hours. Santa Teresa Project” series by artist Eva Hassmann resulted from her wanderings through Rio de Janeiro's Santa Teresa neighbourhood in 2013 and contains 24 works.

© Eva Hassmann, 06.03 PM, Courtesy Eva Hassmann

Following the genre of `subjective photography', she has taken images that present a vivid representation of the situation instead of focusing on the objective reality. The artist therefore challenges the viewers' fantasy and desire for interpretation, creating atmospheric images with photographic means.

© Eva Hassmann, 04.50 PM, Courtesy Eva Hassmann

Opening hours:
September 15th – December 28th 2014
Thu to Sat 15 – 20 o’clock, Sun 14 – 18 o’clock
At the Atelierhaus on Bötzow

Free entry

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Tabalugahaus goes Rio – Ein Charity Projekt

„Es war ein wilder Lauf, ein beängstigender Lauf, ein schneller Lauf, ein langsamer Lauf, ein freudiger Lauf, ein „befreiender Lauf“. Ich werde nie die Zeit vergessen als ich durch dieses kleine Dorf Santa Teresa lief.“ – Eva Hassmann


Die Serie „24 Hours. Santa Teresa Project“ der Künstlerin Eva Hassmann ist 2013 auf einem Streifzug durch Rio de Janeiros Viertel Santa Teresa entstanden. Drei Unikate aus dieser leuchtenden Serie hängen vom 16. Juni bis 4. Juli im Atelierhaus. Sie dienen allerdings nicht nur zum Betrachten sondern können im Rahmen der Charity Aktion „Tabaluga goes Rio“ über eBay ersteigert werden Der Erlös kommt zu 100 Prozent dem neuen Tabalugahaus Rio zugute. Anlässlich der bevorstehenden Fussball-WM unterstützt auch Bundestrainer Jogi Löw das Projekt, um etwas zu schaffen, das bleibt, wenn der große Trubel der Weltmeisterschaft wieder vorbei und die globale Aufmerksamkeit auf Brasilien nachgelassen hat. Jedes Unikat ist von Peter Maffay und Jogi Löw signiert und mit einem persönlichem Gruß versehen.


Die drei Arbeiten sind im C-print / Gigasec on metallic paper, in den Maßen 127 mal 197 cm aufbereitet.


Schauen Sie vorbei, steigern Sie ab dem 16. Juni mit – Helfen Sie, den Grundstein für das Tabalugahaus Rio zu legen!


Mehr Infos gibt es hier: https://www.facebook.com/Tabalugagoesrio


Öffnungszeiten der Ausstellung:
16. Juni 2014 bis 04. Juli 2014
Do bis Sa 15 – 20 Uhr, So 14 – 18 Uhr 
im Atelierhaus auf Bötzow

Der Eintritt ist frei

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"Scratches auf Bötzow" - Extended till the 20th of July!

It’s going to be „scratchy“ in Berlins district Prenzlauer Berg – without a DJ and Hip Hop, but with a lot of art: starting on March 22nd works from the artist Dominique Auerbacher will be shown in Berlin for the first time. The Atelierhaus celebrates with “Scratches auf Bötzow” a premiere with photographs that were actually taken in the capital. Auerbacher series displays scratch drawings on windows of the Berlin public transport. For a lot of “Berliners” the “scratches” are well-known companions in their daily life. For the artist Auerbacher the works, framed with the neologism “Scratches”, offer a fascinating new look at the events in an urban space – distant from everyday life and close to it at the same time. Complex city imagery occurs that lead the observer to a perception on multiple levels: luminescent plasticity that displays Berlin as a city in a stadium of ceaselessly becoming.

Art meets culinary art: the team of star chef Tim Raue creates once again a delicious “Aktionsspeisekarte” (menu inspired by the art). There is a french atmosphere at Bötzow: with Salad Nice, Salmon “Troisgros” and Pâte Duck. But also the colleagues from “Le Croco Bleu” invite you to enjoy new flavors through their cocktail Berlin “Pina Colada” with Barcadi and fresh pear and the fruity vanilla drink “Isabella”.

The catalogue "Scratches auf Bötzow" from the Edition Bötzow Berlin shows the works by Dominique Auerbacher. It can be ordered here.

Opening hours:
March 22nd 2014 – May 25th 2014
Thu to Sat 15 – 20 o’clock, Sun 14 – 18 o’clock
At the Atelierhaus auf Bötzow

Free entry

© Dominique Auerbacher – Scratches OME, 2007 / Courtesy: Dominique Auerbacher

© Dominique Auerbacher – Scratches EM R5, 2008 / Courtesy: Sammlung HGN

© Dominique Auerbacher – Scratches Abstraction 2008/IX, 2008 / Courtesy: Dominique Auerbacher

© Dominique Auerbacher – Scratches Abstraction 2009/VI, 2009 / Courtesy: Sammlung HGN

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Gursky on Bötzow

Works by Andreas Gursky were displayed on Bötzow from October 11th 2013 on. The focus of the “Gursky on Bötzow” exhibit was three monumental vertical-format works from the 2011 “Bangkok” series. Yet the stone cityscape doesn’t fill the pictorial space, instead it is a shiny surface with numerous small elements sprinkled into the work that, upon second glance, turn out to be rubbish. They include plastic bottles, rubber ducks, newspapers, flower petals that float down the Chao Phraya, the river that flows through the megacity. Through Gursky’s hand the trash in his works is bestowed with an almost poetic structure.

The culinary accompaniment to that exhibition was created by Tim Raue’s team from La Soupe Populaire with a special menu of traditional Thai dishes that captivated with a fine balance of sweet, sour and spicy.

Andreas Gursky Bangkok II (2011)
© Andreas Gursky, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, Courtesy Sprüth Magers Berlin London

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Independence Day

An exhibit with photography by Eva Hassmann and Flavia Da Rin

Eva Hassmann & Flavia Da Rin
© Bötzow Berlin

Artists Eva Hassmann and Flavia Da Rin explore the role of women in photographic self-portrayals – and the clichés that come with these these role models as well as the potential of freeing one’s own vision.

Eva Hassmann is at home in the world of film as actor, director and producer. For the past three years she’s also been staging her dreamlike and nightmarish images of women in the stillness of photography. “Independence Day” is her first exhibit of these works.

Eva Hassmann, Divorce, C-Print/Gigasec, 120 x 180 cm, 2012
© Eva Hassmann


Argentinean artist Flavia Da Rin was similarly her own model from the beginning of her artistic work. She has set multiple copies of her own image into scene in her Tableaux vivants, the living images of photographic history.

Flavia da Rin, Untitled (girl with dogs), C-Print, Diameter 80 cm, 2008
© Flavia Da Rin / Courtesy Gallery Ruth Benzacar, Buenos Aires

In the Studio House
Exhibit dates: 5 July – 29 September 2013
Opening hours: Thursday – Sunday, 12–6 p.m.
Admission free

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The FUTURING exhibit is opening on Bötzow on 26 April with works of the Berlin artistic duo EVA & ADELE. Along with the large House of Futuring installation – on loan form the Sprengel Museum in Hanover – they will be unveiling a very new work especially designed for Bötzow: from this point forward, all will be able to see the word FUTURING in large pink neon letters running down the 43-metres-tall smokestack next to the Studio House.

The artists’ idea is a play on words: FUTURING represents an artificial verbal product – which doesn’t exist in any language in a verb form – and reference an incomplete, nascent future and at the same time is an invitation to actively fashion it.

Exhibition opening hours:
26 April – 26 May 2013
Thursday – Sunday, 12 noon to 6 p.m.
in the Studio House on Bötzow
Entry is free of charge

Eva & Adele on Bötzow – photographed by artist Yawira
© Yawira

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Kubanische Kunst auf Bötzow

Am 11. Oktober eröffnete auf Bötzow die Ausstellung „Obsessions“ mit Werken der von Roberto Fabelo und Carlos Quintana. 150 geladene Gäste bewunderten die vielfach extra für diese Ausstellung geschaffenen Gemälde und Skulpturen dieser beiden wichtigen kubanischen Gegenwartskünstler. Begrüßt wurden sie von Prof.Hans Georg Näder, der die Künstler persönlich kennt und sie und ihren Galeristen Luis Miret von der Galeria Habana nach Berlin eingeladen hatte. Seine Exzellenz der Botschafter der Republik Kuba in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Raúl Becerra Egaña betonte seine Freude über diese erste Ausstellung der Künstler in Deutschland.

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Cuban artists Roberto Fabelo and Carlos Quintana at Bötzow

The Galería Habana’s exhibition of works by Roberto Fabelo and Carlos Quintana opens October 12, 2012. Professor Hans Georg Näder invited the gallery from Havana to Bötzow for four weeks. Both artists are important contemporary artists in Cuba, and this is their first time displaying their works in Germany. The painter, illustrator and sculptor Roberto Fabelo exorcises man’s hidden passions onto silk, canvas, paper and also chisels them into metal, all in a manner befitting the old masters. Carlos Quintana’s expressive paintings are filled with Afro-Cuban, Oriental and Asian elements, with references to life and death. He merges the persona of the artist, his family and the society in which he lives into a large, personal mythology.

Obsessions, Bötzow Berlin, Atelierhaus, Prenzlauer Allee 242, 10405 Berlin,
October 12 - November 11, 2012
Opening hours: Wednesday through Sunday 12 pm - 6 pm, free entry

Carlos Quintana. Sin ti/Untitled. Oil on canvas. 150 x 150 cm. 2011

Roberto Fabelo. No soy un animal/I am no animal. oil on canvas. 200 x 160 cm. 2012

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Filming the new series at Bötzow

For a number of weeks, the rooms of the Bötzow Brewery are being turned into studios for young artists. ARTE is producing a new six-part mini-series exploring the question “What is modern art?" in which eight artists take part in a master class with established artists.

Art-school graduates and self-taught artists create their works in the presence and under the artistic guidance of mentors such as Erwin Wurm, Dieter Meier and Norbert Bisky. An internationally renowned jury, including artists Peter Raue, Jean der Loisy and Christiane zu Salm, elects three winners from among the artists.


The artists’ work at Bötzow was documented around the clock

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The winners have been selected

On June 21, 2012, the At Bötzow exhibition opened in the Atelierhaus with selected works from photographer Götz Diergarten and the students from the Ostkreuzschule (Ostkreuz School of Photography). Prof. Näder announced the results of the jury and the students’ winning works.

First place went to Yawira for her untitled work; Bastian Gehbauer came in second with his photo series Freiraeume; and two third places went to Elena Capra for Thomas Schulz and Tony Sojka for 1000 Minuten.

The exhibition is on view July 28, 2012 and is open Thursday through Sunday from 12 – 6 pm. Entry is free.

400 visitors attend the awards ceremony in the Atelierhaus

Work by Elena Capra (3rd place)

Visitors and photographs by Tony Sojka (3rd place)

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Edition Bötzow Berlin celebrates its debut

The Bötzow Berlin project offers artists and authors a new platform in the heart of the city. Designed by Wunderblock, the »Edition Bötzow Berlin« accompanies and documents the future developments on site.

The edition’s first two publications go on sale to coincide with the At Bötzow exhibition. The images in the volume by artist Götz Diergarten manage a narration without words. Diergarten represents a contemporary generation of photographers who fashion the visible into artistic concepts and open up visual mental spaces. The Ostkreuzschule volume gives each of the 18 budding young photographers space for their own visual ideas. Both catalogues can be ordered from the online store. The catalogues cost €29 individually or €50 total if purchased together.

Click to order catalogues online!

Götz Diergarten: Auf Bötzow
Eds. Prof. Hans Georg Näder and Sebastian Peichl
Curatorial consulting Rudolf Kicken
Preface by Prof. Hans Georg Näder, with a contribution by Swantje Karich
German, English, 2012, 72 pages, 46 illustrations, 24,3 x 29 cm,
ISBN 978-3-941847-03-3
Price: €29

Click to order catalogues online!

Ostkreuzschule: Auf Bötzow
Publ. Prof. Hans Georg Näder und Sebastian Peichl

Curatorial consulting Rudolf Kicken,
Preface by Werner Mahler, with a contribution by Sebastian Peichl
German, English, 2012, 76 pages, 88 illustrations, 24,3 x 29 cm,
ISBN 978-3-941847-04-0
Price: €29

Click to order catalogues online!

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Since November 2011, 18 students from Berlin’s Ostkreuzschule have been photographing inside and outside the former Bötzow Brewery, bringing their own individual perspectives to the site and enjoying total artistic freedom. At the same time, the renowned photographer Götz Diergarten also traced a biography of the grounds, dormant since the fall of the wall.

The At Bötzow exhibition opens in the Atelierhaus on June 21, 2012 with selected works by Diergarten and students from the Ostkreuzschule. Prof. Näder will also announce the results of the jury and the students’ winning works. Two catalogues from the Edition Bötzow Berlin also go on sale to coincide with the exhibition, which ends on July 28.

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